Dr. Gil Barragán Romero


  • Law degree, Doctor in Jurisprudence – University of Guayaquil.

Public Offices

  • President of the Solidarity Fund, 2005;
  • Chairman of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission or Tribunal, 1988-1989, and again in 1990;
  • Co-Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, 1984-88;
  • President of the Special Commission of Jurists which prepared the Project of Amendments for the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, 1984;
  • Member of the Consulting Body for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1982;
  • Chairman of the Commission on Civil and Penal matters of the National Chamber of Representatives, 1981;
  • Vice-President of the National Chamber of Representatives of Ecuador, 1980;
  • Congressman for Pichincha province, 1979;
  • Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador, 1972;
  • Elected Congressman for Guayas province, 1970;
  • Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, 1968-69;
  • Vice President and President of the Special Commission of Lawyers that prepared the Project for the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador for the National Constitutional Assembly, 1966.

Appointments and offices held

  • Member of the Advisory Commission of the Ecuadorian Delegation to the II Congress of Lawyers of the Andean Group;
  • Vice-President of Academy of Lawyers, Quito, 1988;
  • Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Guayaquil, 1963-67;
  • Professor of Political Sciences, Catholic University of Guayaquil, 1963-73;
  • Trustee of the Binational Ecuadorian North American Chamber, Guayaquil, 1965-66;
  • Lecturer of the International Study Centre, Washington, D.C., 1964;
  • Ad honorem Legal Advisor of several institutions, such as the Employees Association of Guayaquil, the Society of Engineers and Architects of Guayaquil, the Medical Doctors and Surgery Society of Guayaquil, the Society of Heart Surgeons of Guayaquil, the Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Society of Guayaquil, and the Red Cross, also in Guayaquil. 


While Vice President of National Congress, he wrote and presented Dignitary Tort Law. His book “Elementos del daño moral” (Elements of Dignitary Tort) is the country’s reference for that Law. 

Associations y Memberships

  • Life member of the Academy of Lawyers, Guayaquil;
  • Member of the Academy of Lawyers, Quito since 1985;
  • Lecturer Member of the International Study Center of Washington, D.C., 1966-67;
  • Member of the Board of Directors, the Fulbright Educational Commission USA-Ecuador, 1966-67. 


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